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On being different

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Most parents would gasp

Euan Semple is my kind of guy. Mollie is Euan’s young teenage daughter. Inspired by her Dad, Mollie blogs in the open, public domain of the internet. No password, no firewall: her identity out there, for everyone to see and... Read more

Pay attention to your Fine-Print: it’s worth it.

Tech Bootstraps don’t typically pay much attention or resource to the fine-print: their Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Most startups end up “borrowing” Ts and Cs for launch. Hopefully, when their businesses gain traction, they’ll look at them seriously.... Read more

Will I return to iPhone?

It’s been nearly two months since I jumped ship to Android. Is it a permanent move? Most people are shocked when they discover the conspicuous absence of my iPhone 5S. Tis true, I certainly was a die hard iPhone fan.... Read more

Online ticketing needs some disruption

Price, Price & Price Online ticketing needs a no frills, mobile optimised solution. I am the Treasurer of various organisations that raise money from events (most of them for charity). I always try and convince my committees to offer online... Read more

Email sent by Smartphone?

Typos? Brevity? This is my disclaimer: If it weren’t for smartphones I’d probably have to settle for a desk bound job or at the very least I’d be less able to take on all the committments I seem to have... Read more

Trust the Internet.

Welcome to the Internet where the Middleman wakes up to discover he’s lost his job. Made redundant by the web that now performs it quicker, easier, better and cheaper, he looks back on those heady days when all he had... Read more

Hello Schools, Heard of The Internet?

Collaborating online Teamwork is an important skill our children need to learn from a young age. For centuries, our schools have grasped this…sadly offline only, that is. The internet has empowered all of us to collaborate in ways we hardly... Read more

On Mindfulness and Project 365

Conceived in 2006, Project365 was a Flickr community initiative. Simple in concept, you take a photo every day for a year and post it publicly. I’ve been envious of those who have looked back at their year in photos. I’ve... Read more

The Travel Industry still depends on the fax machine?

Booking a hotel room online using your smartphone isn’t as simple and pleasurable as it should be. Hotel Tonight is making a difference but it can’t be an easy job: I’ll tell you why. It doesn’t matter if you’re booking... Read more