Email sent by Smartphone?

outcomes_zps92e97d84Typos? Brevity? This is my disclaimer:

If it weren’t for smartphones I’d probably have to settle for a desk bound job or at the very least I’d be less able to take on all the committments I seem to have signed up to.

What is wonderful about being connected by a mighty little hand-held device (which never leaves my person) is that all the ‘dead time’ I spend in my day becomes productive time. I am able to stay in touch and respond as if I were an old fashioned desk-bound worker.

Having said that though, here are the downsides for which I seek indulgence:

1) It looks, to the average person, that I am addicted to my device, that I suffer some social disorder, perhaps attention deficit? Please accept this fact: I am working, and frankly: I am deeply focussed. So when you think I am distracted, it so happens that my work is being delivered in weird and wonderful places, the school playground being an example.

2) The pace of my decision making is sped up because I don’t have proper time to reflect; indeed a downside I humbly concede. However, by way of a mitigating defence: I will admit, after pressing the send button, where I am wrong, if I haven’t said anything please tell me what you think: I won’t take umbridge.

3) The tone of my communication may come accross as abrupt and to the point, when all along, I am just trying to make brevity my friend which comes at a price, please try and understand this when that one liner catches your breath.

4) My written responses are littered with predictive text gaffs and typos. Don’t judge me, I have fat fingers and the need for speed.

If you’ve suffered any of the above indignities, please forgive me. The only excuse I offer is this: with my smartphone I manage to get so much more done. Perhaps it’s not in the old school style to which (traditional) expectations may be accustomed.

Without patronising you, please be grateful I turned around a response and forgive me for the sins of my mobile device, and its user. Thank you.