Most parents would gasp

internet-paranoiaEuan Semple is my kind of guy.

Mollie is Euan’s young teenage daughter. Inspired by her Dad, Mollie blogs in the open, public domain of the internet. No password, no firewall: her identity out there, for everyone to see and her thoughts to read. Her “Words are Power”

This may shock many a parent and school teacher. It should not: the media has whipped us all into a paranoid frenzy.

Let’s stop and think.

I’ve asked Euan to come to Suffolk to help us gain some perspective. He’s coming to talk about the Great Internet Paranoia Swindle

I had the privilege of working with Euan 10 years ago when we served together on a Board of a Tech Startup. Since then I have kept up with his blog, relished his book and prioritise his tweets

Our two young daughters have grown up with their own Macs, and Apple devices and have always taken for granted their unfettered access to the Internet.

In contrast, I am dismayed that so many parents seem to have caught themselves up in this paranoia. They struggle to grasp the disadvantage their children face by not having open access to the Internet.

Our 8 year old daughter learns on YouTube. She chooses what she learns and teaches her parents every single day. I’ve heard many parents ban YouTube in their homes.

Whilst Schools are doing a sterling and very necessary job teaching our children about internet safety (and us parents have to work hard to safeguard them too), I am willing to bet that most schools have locked the internet down in a similar fashion to many parents at home. What a shame, your children are losing out.

Over a London lunch, I convinced Euan to visit Suffolk on Monday the 2nd of June at 730pm, I’ve hired the Seckford Theatre, at Woodbridge School.

Euan is a great speaker. Ordinarily we wouldn’t be able to afford his speaker’s fee but he’s helping an old friend: There is nobody better than Euan to counter any Net Paranoia that we may be experiencing. He’s witty and engaging, I am confident you will have a fun, thought provoking evening.

Here are some of the questions he will try and help us answer: –

  • I don’t have time to waste on the internet – why should I pay any attention to what happens there?
  • Who is running the internet and why is it so messy and uncontrolled?
  • Why shouldn’t schools protect my children from the internet?
  • How do I use the internet to learn and help my child get better at using it to learn?
  • How do I manage online relationships with my children?
  • Isn’t a good thing that the government is protecting us with its filters?
  • What does privacy mean with the advent of the internet?
  • How do I know what the truth is and who can I trust on the internet?

Please visit our event site at, tickets are now on sale and selling quickly – so please grab one. You can also book tickets at £12 each by following this link. 

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