On Mindfulness and Project 365

Project365_jan_zpsabb81ed1Conceived in 2006, Project365 was a Flickr community initiative. Simple in concept, you take a photo every day for a year and post it publicly.

I’ve been envious of those who have looked back at their year in photos. I’ve suffered a few false starts in the past but this is the first year I have completed a full month having started on New Year’s day (a Jan 1 start isn’t mandatory though)

Poor Flickr (thanks to the Yahoo! neglect) was, without warrant, trumped by sites like Instagram, and that’s where I am posting my Project365: that’s where my friends are.

I have enjoyed the discipline and routine of posting a photo a day. It makes me more aware of what’s around me. I may not be the greatest photographer but just looking back at January makes me realise how wonderful a month it has been. Yes, January, the month that is arguably the hardest in the year to get through. The image on this post features my 8 favourite January photos.

I realise that it’s not just about the snapshot but more the journey of seeking that special moment. It’s a quest. A quest to notice the things around me, being aware of the moment.

To me, taking a photo a day is a practical, fun and enduring way of entrenching some mindfulness in my everyday life without running the risk of feeling too ‘Zen’. You should try it too.