Online ticketing needs some disruption

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Online ticketing needs a no frills, mobile optimised solution.

I am the Treasurer of various organisations that raise money from events (most of them for charity).

I always try and convince my committees to offer online booking but they inevitably balk at the transaction fees. The two established players in the market are: Eventbrite and Amiando.

We often compromise by passing the transaction fees onto the punter: if you are like me, I am quite happy paying the fees on top of the ticket price as I get to avoid paperwork and cheque books to which I have an alergy.

But I do concede, the fees are quite chunky if you look at them like this:

If you analyse the fees in the below table by assuming a £10 ticket, and further assuming that the costs are not passed onto the punter, look at how hefty they turn out:

  • Amiando £1.48 (14.8%)
  • Eventbrite £1.25 (12.5%)

Now I know the merchant charges are inevitable but I’ve just cobbled together an online ticketing system for Art for Cure using Wufoo and Stripe – yes, I haven’t managed to automate ticket production (yet) but it only costs 2.4% + 20p a transaction which is Stripe’s merchant fee.

[update 26 May 14] – We have just launched – here is how it compares on price, features and functionality are being unfolded on a weekly basis:


Time for some disruption, methinks.