Trust the Internet.

fat_cat_zps14aa809cWelcome to the Internet where the Middleman wakes up to discover he’s lost his job. Made redundant by the web that now performs it quicker, easier, better and cheaper, he looks back on those heady days when all he had to do was connect the buyer and the seller.

Many markets still look to the the Internet for disruption. None so obvious than the Travel Industry.

The irony is the Internet is to blame for creating a new fat cat middleman: The Online Travel Agency (OTA). Think or

Let me tell you: The Internet hasn’t started with the Travel Industry: it is ripe for disintermediation. Too many fat cats sitting between a guest and the accommodation provider. That spells one thing: opportunity.

So we built Inn Style: to cut out the middleman and empower the independent accommodation provider helping them to sell to the guest, directly online. We are here to disrupt: everyone standing between the guest and the accommodation provider is in our sights.

Today felt more disruptive than most

Today we heard from an Inn Style user who signed up over the weekend and became an immediate active client (they entered 27 of their existing bookings into our free-to-use booking diary system). To be honest, we hadn’t ever heard of them until they signed up.

They just found us on the internet. We live in an amazing age: our business model doesn’t need to afford a sales team. How disruptive is that? Powered by Google, the Internet is our sales team and it costs us nothing but a little effort and understanding.

But, wait, it gets even better:

It was something that our new client said to us today that really blew my mind:

“Today, thanks to Inn Style, we binned our PDQ machine. It clogged up our phone line and it was too expensive!”

Only now, has it dawned on me: today we disrupted the banks. That really satisfies me. Trust the Internet to disrupt.

James, my biz partner who took the call, wrote this on the Inn Style blog.

PS: don’t mistake PDQ for pretty damn quick, because (before Inn Style and Stripe came along) accepting card payments in a small business involved a painful, hoop jumping process that often ended up in “NO” or an expensive, frustrating solution. Banks screw the small operator. That’s why I love the disruptive power of the Internet, power to the people, at long last.

(btw, thank you Stripe)