Will I return to iPhone?

jumping_ship_zps36c4b35cIt’s been nearly two months since I jumped ship to Android. Is it a permanent move?

Most people are shocked when they discover the conspicuous absence of my iPhone 5S. Tis true, I certainly was a die hard iPhone fan.

But I am still an ‘Apple Fan Boy’

I still love the beautiful simplicity of Apple hardware and software: it just works.

When my daughters’ started school three years ago, few mothers in the playground carried smartphones and that meant their access to email was intermittent at best. Communications still came home in book bags on A4 sheets of paper. I used to complain about it. The School’s reasoning was that parents (the majority inevitably being mothers lumbered with the responsibility of organising their childrens’ lives) just weren’t keen on adopting digital. Apple changed that.

Today, I stand in the same playground, hardly any parent without an iPhone and we now communicate digitally! No more paper. Over 90% are iPhones. Thankfully hardly a Blackberry to be seen and the few odd Androids. Probably most Android users worried about the budget one appears to have to throw at an iPhone. (myth dispelled)

The fact is that Apple cracked the market by making things simple and stylish. I hold an Android in my hand because Apple has locked down the iPhone to make its UI simple and stylish. As a consequence, Apple blocks me using my phone to achieve what I want to. I want to push my smartphone past the boundaries of iOS and that’s why Android works better for me.

I love my Nexus 5 Android and don’t miss my iPhone 5S one bit but:

I still have my ‘Apple fix’ though:

I write this post on my Macbook Pro and I carry around an iPad Mini. I need iMessage and Facetime to communicate with my daughters on their iPods and iPads. Twitter is just not the same without Tweetbot which I use on my iPad mini and, to be honest, there is something special about holding an Apple product in one’s hands and I concede you don’t quite enoy the same quality feel from Android.

I have the best of both worlds. Will I go back to iPhone? Not now. If Apple truely innovates with the iPhone 6 and opens iOS up a bit, then yes.

I can’t see it happening though.